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Sex in bedroom video

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Sex in bedroom video
with a bed and dresser in it is an example of a bedroom.

Bedroom a room with a bed, for sleeping in having to do with sex or sexual affairs: a bedroom farce housing those who spend their days at work in a nearby metropolis: bedroom suburbs bedroom noun, a room in which to sleep.

Sexually suggestive: a bedroom comedy; bedroom eyes.

Relating to or inhabited by commuters: bedroom suburbs.

Noun ( plural bedrooms a room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping.

Please don't enter my bedroom without knocking.

Anagrams, origin bed room, synonyms, sentences, sentence examples).

(CBS Seattle according to a new study by VoucherCodesPro, Xbox 360 owners are better in bed than those who play PlayStation and Wii.

Researchers surveyed 1,747 partners of gamers in the UK to see how much of an effect playing games had on their relationships.

One question the survey asked was, How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?

Only 11 percent answered that question as excellent.

Most, 27 percent, said their partner was good, while 26 percent said their partner was average.
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