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Red tube indians

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Red tube indians
of recycling and the best way to teach them is through fun crafts.

I'm sure we all have thrown away a lot of cardboard tubes (for example, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes).

There is so much that can be made from cardboard tubes.

You can make a fake candle stick display, make a pair of fake binoculars, make a castle (along with a cardboard box) or even an animal.

Make a Ring Toss Game with Paper Towel Roll Tubes.

Cut 1/2 inch rings from a paper towel make it look really nice, wind each ring with white or colored yarn, as pictured in figure.

Take a small box and fill it with seeds, beans, or popcorn kernels (in a bag inside the box).

Cut a small home in the center of the box.

Push a paper towel roll into the center of the box.

With all the seeds or beans, the box should be stable when throwing the rings.

Young children will love to pile the rings on the cardboard tube, while older children will like to toss the rings over it for a game.

Make an Office Supplies Organizer with Paper Towel Rolls.

This is a great craft for organizing your office supplies.

It would be even better to give as a gift to Mom or Dad for their desk, maybe for a birthday or maybe for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Find a sturdy cardboard tube.

Trace the circle end a few times.

A bit bigger than it actually.

Then cut the cardboard roll in half, length-wise, as seen in the picture above.

Then those circles in half -the ones that you just traced.

Now use these half circles to close the ends, and to make dividers.

Just glue them to the edges.
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