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a fight broke out.

While he was not involved in the altercation, when 22 bullets rang out, he was the only person injured.

The shooting left Knox with quadriplegic paralysis and unable to speak. .

His mother, DeAndra Dycus, spoke up for gun reform at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night.

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Dycus said that her son was a high-achieving student and a two-sport athlete who had dreams of attending Indiana University. .

But the child that I birthed is not able to live his dreams, she lamented during her nearly 3-minute address.

DeAndra Dycus with her son, DeAndre Knox (center).

About four or five days after the shooting when he was on life support I told Dre if you would just fight through this, mommy will be your voice.

I will be your arms and I will be your legs if you just fight, Dycus told.
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