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way to indicate that he thinks that you must think that.

Dave Barry, a pun (also known as a pune, or a play on words ) is a form of word play where a word with more than one meaning is exploited to make a joke based on this double meaning.

This can also take the form of substituting one word for a different, similarly sounding word.

Usually done for humorous effect.

The true problem with puns is that they are the lowest form of humor, and often are not very punny, at least in English - at best, they're.

So Bad, It's Good.

On the other hand, languages such as Chinese or Japanese, where words can be chosen for sound, character, or meaning, allow for puns of incredible complexity, working on multiple levels, and they are often viewed as an art form.

Ironically, most article titles ARE puns.

For trope names that are puns.
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